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Sabovic Management Group

Sabovic Management is Chicago’s premier apartment management company. We have been serving the Chicago area for more than 30 years. We work with the two best parts of Chicago, the architecture and the people.

We have great apartments and really great places to live, and we're looking for great people to fill them.

Looking for an apartment or single-family rental? We invite you to explore our list of available units, and to consider renting from Sabovic Management. We hear time and again that many renters seek to live in a place that is managed by someone who cares about it as much as its owner would, and we are offering you just such an arrangement. The lease agreement is a contract, and we take our obligations to you very seriously. We seek to enhance your rental experience in a number of ways, and believe that our primary goal is responsive, conscientious service delivered consistently and fairly.



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2250 N. Lincoln Ave.



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